Comedy Writing Workshop and Mentorship

Getting Your Idea Made with Award-Winning Actress and Writer Sally Cancello

Sally is holding a 4 hour comedy writing workshop online. This will be followed by an hour’s one to one on your idea, two edits on the script and mentoring you on getting your project filmed through to completion!

Sally is an award winning actress, director, writer and producer based in Sheffield. Her passion has always been comedy and since 2010 she has written two award winning plays, 16 comedy short films, a comedy feature film, a teaser for Warner Brothers and recently a BFI comedy short film. She also has a BFI comedy feature treatment in the pipeline, another short film and a comedy tv show. 

During the workshop, Sally will be sharing all of the tools that she’s learnt, guiding you through exercises, helping to shape your ideas and also talking about how to launch your own projects going forwards. She will then spend an hour on your specific script and give notes on a further two edits. She will then mentor you for 3 more hours on the pre-production and development of your project!

When: 19th Jan, 6pm-10pm, plus a one-to-one session organised to suit you.

Cost: £350


Schools and Businesses

More Information Coming Soon!